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Atelier d’Architecture La Cordée SA, Grimentz, Ms Astrid Finkler-Tamblé

Matterhorn Focus Hotel, Zermatt, Christian and Sonja Noti


Swiss Parks Network, Mr Ueli Sahli

beco Berner Wirtschaft, the Canton of Bern’s economic development agency

Jakob Rope Systems & SCL Tigers, Trubschachen/Langnau i.E., Mr Peter Jakob

hotelleriesuisse, Swiss Hotel Classification, Mr Hans Ueli Gerber, Mr Daniel Beerli and
Ms Monique Moretti

Design & Lifestyle Hotel Jury, Mr Heinz Julen

Unique Hotel Jury, Ms Anita Streibich

Official Hotel Stars of the Swiss Hotel Classification by hotelleriesuisse, Mr Thomas Allemann

Heimstätte Bärau, Mr Peter Ducommun

Gasser Felstechnik AG and Brünig Park, Mr Thomas Gasser

Sempachersee Seminar Hotel, Remo and Monika Fehlmann

Migros Genossenschaftsbund und Liegenschaftsverwaltung LiB-AG, Mr Sandro Giove and
Mr Peter Strebel

Bergwelt Grindelwald and HRS Real Estate, Mr Martin Kull

Naturpark Hotel Diemtigtal and Commsa GmbH, Mr Jörg Gabi

Hotel Alex Naters and Imhof Bauunternehmung, Mr Armand Imhof

Swiss Society for Hotel Credit (SGH), Mr Michael Kauer

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