When it comes to projects, it is always important to ask the right questions at the outset.
What are the key needs? What could be done differently? It is during the planning phase that we have the biggest levers available for influencing construction costs and later operating costs. What really matters, after all, is to create a strategy and set the right priorities without becoming fixated on a specific path.

We place a strong emphasis on meticulous financial planning in feasibility studies, in the innovation and structuring of hotel, spa and resort projects together with the subsequent business plans. We join with you to carefully weigh up its influence on all areas of your project and evaluate the correlations within the overall framework.

In our role as hotel developers and partners, we create the right conditions for goal-oriented, smooth project management rather than trying to replace architects and specialist planners.

With this in mind, our team consists of experienced specialists from the fields of architecture, hotel management and strategic planning with a focus on clear positioning and efficient operation. Time and again, independent ratings have highlighted our professionalism. Our broad network not only brings together planning and hotel management, but also operators and investors. And for existing concepts, we join with the proven key players to contribute to the strategic and operational evaluations and detailed plans.

I’m willing to stake my reputation on your successful hotel project.

Luzius Kuchen, proprietor and managing director


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